SLN Master Teacher

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  1. Serve as mentor to Institute participants as designated by SLN Trainer
    • Communicate bi-weekly with mentee
    • Report monthly to SLN Trainer
    • Complete year-end report of menteeā€™s development (template to be created)
    • Observe teaching in action to monitor lesson content and ensure instructional practices meet specific SLN needs
  2. Completion of Special Project (one of the following or other as approved by SLN Trainer)
    • Assisting teachers within their program to implement learning strategies such as IRLEN overlays, color coding, Microsoft WORD imbedded accommodations, etc. to facilitate learning throughout their program
    • Provide a series of workshops for other staff members on topics such as learning styles, accommodated learning, building self-advocacy, fostering self-esteem, or other topics approved by SLN Trainer
    • Conduct research into the learning needs of their individual students examining principles from year one instruction
  3. SLN Blog - Contribute a minimum of once a month in one of the following ways:
    • Share a valuable resource or website to assist others in the field
    • Update the progress of the Master Teacher Special Project and provide valuable instructional information with colleagues
    • Comment on postings from other year two participants or from the SLN trainer
  4. Begin training to become certified as SLN State Trainer (if requested)
    • Present research topic including findings, successes, challenges, and lessons learned both at the IACEA, the Voice of Adult Education state conference and in an online learning workshop sponsored by SIPDC