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  1. How to Develop Professional Development Plans for Instruction (coming soon)
  2. Contribute a minimum of once a month to Transitions Blog by sharing a valuable resource or website to assist others in the field
  3. Completion of Special Project (one of the following or other as approved by SIPDC)
    • Assist instructors within their program to implement career awareness, goal setting, career plans, employability skills, etc. to facilitate transitions instruction within classrooms and throughout their program
    • Provide a series of workshops for other staff members on transitions topics approved by SIPDC
    • Conduct research into the transitioning of their individual students or on the employer partnerships to further transitions knowledge within the state
  4. Career Navigator Menu of Resources
  5. Present research topic including findings, successes, challenges, and lessons learned both at the IACEA, the Voice of Adult Education state conference and in an online learning workshop sponsored by SIPDC