Welcome to New Career Navigator Orientation


The New Career Navigator Orientation (NCNO) is designed to provide an overview of adult education in Illinois, the services required to fulfill the expectations of federal legislation, and your role as a Career Navigator. It would be most helpful for you to create a resources portfolio for your future use. As you learn of resources through this training, add them to your portfolio.

Completing the Online Course:

  • The online course is divided into units. You must complete all units in order to complete the course. Print out this checklist to help you keep track of which units you have completed: New Career Navigator Orientation Checklist.
  • You will also be required to take a short learning check at the end of each unit.  These learning checks also allow you to earn your Certificate of Completion worth four hours of professional development.

Navigating the Course:

  • Work through each unit in order, at your own pace. The units do not have to be done all at once. Use the Career Navigator Checklist to help you remember which parts you've completed.
  • If at any time you get lost, go to the top of the page (breadcrumb area) and click on "NCNO Online" which will bring you back to this main page.
  • You can use the navigation box to move between unit pieces and activities. Click on the "▶" in the navigation box to open a menu of all the Units, click on a Unit to open a menu of its specific pieces, and click the desired piece to jump there directly.
  • The units can also serve as a review after you have been working in your program for a length of time.


By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the structure, key elements, and priorities of transitioning in adult education in Illinois and the expectations to fulfill federal legislation. (Access the Illinois strategic plan).
  • Understand the key components of the role of the career navigator.
  • Identify the main career advising content areas and basic information about each.
  • Understand important components for effective career navigation: goal setting, barrier identification, partnerships, employability skills.
  • Identify key resources available to assist in their new position.
  • Identify further professional development opportunities.

The following units are included in the New Career Navigator Orientation and can be accessed by clicking the "New Career Navigator Orientation Framework" link below.

1.       WIOA Overview

2.       Role of Navigator

3.       Career Advising/Counseling

4.       Goal Setting

5.       Barrier Identification

6.       Partnerships

7.       Employability Skills

8.       Career Navigator Menu of Resources

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