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This course is a component of the TABE 11&12 mandatory training series for adult educators, as required by ICCB for ICCB-funded programs.

Part 1 is required for ABE/ASE instructors, program administrators, and TABE test administrators.

Part 2 is required for all TABE test administrators. Part 1 is the prerequisite - you must complete Part 1 before taking Part 2.

Email any questions you have about TABE 11&12 to

This course is the TABE 11&12 training for Title I staff. Both Part 1 and Part 2 are required.

If you do not have the enrollment key, please contact Lora Dhom at

Any questions about the content of the course can be directed to

This one-hour course provides instruction on the correlation between the TABE 11&12 Blueprints and the Illinois ABE/ASE Content Standards and offers practical guidance for instructors seeking to improve student TABE test results.